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3 Mar


The lovely ladies over at The Lemonade Stand have very kindly included Come Find Me in their weekly recommendations, yay!

TLS have been great to me over the years, having been mentioned on their site a few times!

So head on over and see what else they’re reading!

TLS Weekly Rec’s

Thank you to Midnight Cougar <3

samrosey. XO 

Come Find Me, chapter 17

23 Feb
by FrozenSoldier

Banner by FrozenSoldier

Rides and Lights

The cold was thrilling. Old boots traversing new ground. Sweater weather and smiles, she skipped down the stairs and ran into him.

“I don’t want you to get cold, take this…” Edward handed her a navy blue jacket, big enough for her to snuggle into.

“So, where are we going?”

“No, no. It’s a surprise!” She felt jumpy, bouncing inside to a song nobody else could hear but her.

“Can I have a clue?”

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Come Find Me, chapter 16

15 Feb


Goodbye Isa

Don’t be a coward. Pick it up, choose life.

She didn’t know where to begin, how to begin, only that she must.

Don’t be a coward.

She was the imperfect mix of a child left alone, and an adult, unaware of what’s next.

Edward had agreed to continue on as he once had, new prospects at the University. Something he had been hoping for despite his young age. Protests and comfort, he didn’t want to leave Bella alone.

There was a tear in the vortex; the stories and confessions of yesterday, held high like stars in a kind of new sky. He was relieved. But Bella had more questions.

Why couldn’t Edward go with his family?

Her understanding was limited due to the absence of her own.

Bella felt now more than ever that she owed something to Edward. She felt ashamed of her life, and the paths she had taken, she thought of how they had met, unsure, but wanting to be determined. She knew she did want to share more with him.

The coward inside cowered. A win for the future.

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Revamp *wink*

15 Feb

F. S G

Hi friends, lurkers, readers, people of the other world

I added some things, changed some things, and will be updating/posting regularly.

The fics you can read directly from this site are: 

Fics you can read @ FanFiction

My other fics will be uploaded at some point in the future.

Projects I am working on right now, and always: 

  • Continuing The Art of Being Infinite
  • Continuing the re-write and re-posting of Come Find Me
  • An original novel.

Picture-making is daily, to follow me around London, follow me on Instagram. You can buy my prints, gifts and apparel at Society6

Other places you can find me:


Lots of love and other stuff

samrosey. XO

The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 15

30 Apr

Banner by Kassiah

Helping Bella

Alistair – Monday: 11.00am

“You sounded very upset on the phone.”

“I think I’m broken. Cracked wide open.”

“Tell me about yesterday.”

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The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 14

23 Apr

Banner by Kassiah

Being Afraid

Before Bella.

Four bottles of weak, watery beer later and I’m wondering what happened to Seth and me hanging out in his apartment that he shares with his prissy sister, whining about the lack of adventure in our twenty-something lives. I miss the rusty red he promised me, and the way she burns me as I gulp her.

I look around at the nameless faces, moving each to their own time-lapse, the different shapes and sounds penetrating my almost drunken mind, and see that yeah, they’re all using different fucking tricks, but each and every one leads to the same space, out of the same need.

“What are we doing here, man?” I shout into the side of Seth’s face, doubting if he can even hear me over the shitty dance music in this place.

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The Hotel, Room 44

22 Apr
The Hotel, Room 44 (1981) by Sophie Calle

The Hotel, Room 44 (1981) by Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle

The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 13

17 Apr

Lovers To Start With

I am the animal panting for more.

He is the sex I want.

“Bella… I want you.”

I nod. All I can do is nod.

His fingertips are drops of rain as they tickle my skin. He brings me closer to him, and pulls me down onto the couch so he is on top of me. The soft blue of my robe parts, exposing my legs. I am seen. He is the one who sees me.

I’m scared to close my eyes. I just want to know what he’s thinking. Each touch is a new tell across his face. Each kiss calls for something louder.

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The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 13 teasy

12 Apr

His body hovers over mine like a stone above glass. I want him to break me. Shatter me into pieces for him to keep.

His tongue in my mouth feels like hunger. Stop thinking. Stop thinking.

His hand moving further up my leg feels like pain. Stop doubting. Stop doubting.

I push his hoodie off his shoulders, asking him. He pulls himself free, and throws it on the floor. I grip his shirt, begging him. He yanks it over his head, and it lands on the coffee table.

He is breath after breath, resting between my legs looking down at me.

Hot, dirty boy, and milky white line make this Godlike creature.

I want to undo the ties of my robe, and show myself to him. I want to dance underneath him, the only dance I know. 

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The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 12

11 Apr

Explaining Bella

He carried me out from the car, with the help of Rocky, and when we got inside he just stood there, not knowing what to do. I pointed toward the bedroom. I felt weak. I felt tired, sad and unmoving. He was there. He was right there watching me meltdown. Together they had rescued me…from myself.

Or maybe I’m destined to go back, and this will have been for nothing.

I pull the covers up and wrap them around me. I just want to lie here and not face it.

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