Lumina, chapter 15: Mind Over Matter


Mind Over Matter

There was no light but I knew she was still up there. I left when the others left, thinking she would follow. She seemed blind to the potential dangers of leaving so late. Even the space she occupied, she was fearless in protecting it, using the same materials, the same seat and window of light before they got to it. But there was no light now, as I waited for Bella to come out, waiting for her to realise it was getting too late and she had to walk across campus. I couldn’t read their minds or see their future decisions but I saw it in their eyes, their desire as she passed them, brushing their shoulders through the hallway, or trudging across the green to get to her dorm room, her pretty face in the night light. So I waited. Outside of the technology building, I was still in earshot of the attic in the art building. I could still hear her moving, hear her breathing.

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