The Not So Lost And Found

Today was mopey. But I came across someone recommending Lumina on their blog and it made me all giddy and stuffs!  So, thank you!


Paring: Edward/Bella
Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Supernatural

All he thinks about is her, and what he sees when he’s with her; the lines, colouring her special, he sees the fast paced stutter of her flowing beauty and he smells her, wants to taste her. She thinks college is awkward, like a test before the actual stuff happens. She doesn’t know what he is. She just thinks he’s a boy, as awkward as her. Vamps – AU – E/B. 1st person POV

Why I like this fic:It’s about vamps! Nowadays the fandom is pending towards all-human stories, that’s why it’s so amazing to find a vamp fic with a vampire Edward and a human Bella. It’s well written and thoroughly enjoyable. Don’t miss it!

Found at My Own Brand of  Idiocy

The lovely make me smile! ❤

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