Lumina, chapter 16: Sneak Peek

I was nine when I read my first comic book. It was really old, the colours were almost all worn out, and it smelled like turps. I used the pennies I had collected in my penguin shaped ceramic money box to buy it at a jumble sale, and it was the first really scary thing I had ever seen. Even still, I couldn’t stop looking at the pages and pages of the evil characters face, of her face – the shocked look of the heroine, the subtle changes as she moved from the unknown to the absolutely terrified.

For Halloween one year, down at the Res, Seth and Jake dressed as Vikings  they wore blonde wigs, wielded plastic swords and home made helmets. I was fifteen that year, and went dressed as a vampire. A slutty vampire, but a vampire all the same.

But I was eighteen when I first met one. A vampire. Edward Cullen is a vampire. Or so he told me. Showed me. He tried to show me multiple times and I just… Edward is a vampire. 

Chapter 16 will hopefully post tomorrow (Tuesday).

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