Teaser: Lumina, chapter 17

Chapter 17 teaser:

I realise we’re walking across the field, heading towards the bleachers, it’s December, and the nights are here so soon. The sky is a blue, covering us slowly in night.
“There she is.”

“Who?” I see about seven people huddled in front of us, about twenty feet away. Two or three more of them linger off to the right. Among the seven are two girls, the rest are boys.

“Alice, that’s who.” Alice Cullen. Edward’s sister. Sitting on my bed, he told me about his family. Carlisle and Esme, Jasper and Alice, and another brother, he never mentioned his name.

“You like Alice?”

She’s beautiful.”

She has a boyfriend.”

“Love is free, B.”

“I don’t think other people see it that way, Nettie.”

“Actually, see her,” Nettie points to the other girl, a tall redhead, I think her name is Siobhan, I think she’s in J.J’s class with me and Edward. “She was talking the other day about how Alice used to date a girl from dubvee two, but the girl got took out of school by her parents and they never saw her again.”

She got took away, like sent away. Or removed for being crazy due to the very real fact that Alice is a vampire and she knew? Maybe she couldn’t handle it. Maybe she told people and it wasn’t her parents who removed her.

Maybe…maybe Alice…killed her.

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