Lumina, chapter 27: Becoming Bella

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Becoming Bella

The sky is really close. Like, all the way here. Right here, just above us. I don’t know who’s in the room, and who’s not anymore.

I drank from Edward.

Cold, and easy. I felt like I was finally getting the drink I had been dying for.

He kisses me. His tongue against mine. The last drops of him still there, lingering between us.

He said he couldn’t wait for us to be safe.

He said he was sorry.

He held my hand as the room grew warmer, grew hot. He held me down as the paint felt like it was peeling off the walls and burying me.

“I’m suffocating.”

“I can’t breathe.”

I had said.

Then I heard them. Voices. So many it seemed, all at once.

“It doesn’t make sense.” I told him.

But when I pulled him closer, there was nothing but my heavy arm, and my lonely hand.

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