Come Find Me, chapter 16


Goodbye Isa

Don’t be a coward. Pick it up, choose life.

She didn’t know where to begin, how to begin, only that she must.

Don’t be a coward.

She was the imperfect mix of a child left alone, and an adult, unaware of what’s next.

Edward had agreed to continue on as he once had, new prospects at the University. Something he had been hoping for despite his young age. Protests and comfort, he didn’t want to leave Bella alone.

There was a tear in the vortex; the stories and confessions of yesterday, held high like stars in a kind of new sky. He was relieved. But Bella had more questions.

Why couldn’t Edward go with his family?

Her understanding was limited due to the absence of her own.

Bella felt now more than ever that she owed something to Edward. She felt ashamed of her life, and the paths she had taken, she thought of how they had met, unsure, but wanting to be determined. She knew she did want to share more with him.

The coward inside cowered. A win for the future.

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