No (P)oint (o)f (p)resence.

Simple synergy of your cause;
your words can’t beat,
your actions they don’t beat me.

Simple synergy affecting my life,
it’s not right,
this line of living born from your time.

Look out till tomorrow, I forgot you
Look inside today, but you’re still here.

As old as this shift in space, a tail of our time…
As old as your sorry excuses, though you’re not sorry,
you’re incapable, untraceable,
what you did is unforgivable.

Concealed in my mind for the best of days.
See I’m still reminded of your horrendous ways.

How so? You left, take it with you.
Why now? An ambush, preying upon me when I cannot see you.

I cry, scared of you, daydreaming just the memory of you.
The you that towered too tall and forceful.
The you that pounded, grounded and punished for playful,
full of hate.
You don’t know this me or what it takes.

I won’t let you have it, I am no credit to you.
I won’t let you take anything from me,
this day from now, no black, no blue.

It hurts to push me,
I’m soft to touch.
Try it just to see the best of me,
I’m fighting strong for this me now,
little by little, a lot; this much.


samrosey fic

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