The insides of me fall out along the yellow lines of life.
The dirty bark takes me cold and biting harsh.
Pick an apple from you,
falling down lanes,
pick an apple from you,
it browns before I take a taste.
Knock the tin full of stuffing,
fill me, I’m empty don’t you see.
I wait for answers,
Won’t you just open yourself up to me?

Unstick me with your need. Needing me blue, needing me like I need you.
Not for cold nights, or even tears that always fall.
But for touches and funsies and lusty parts and all.

Dance with me in daylight or just when the never-ending won’t let up.

Tell me you’re addicted, and you crave me; that I’m known.

I need to go see the wizard, bestie!
But I’m all alone.


samrosey fic

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