I miss you elevator, mirrored walls and empty stalls, drunk on the city.

I miss you rainy greetings, and the seating, and the boxes full of pretty things.

I miss the silent screams, as they all walk too quickly, I get so lost in your camouflage, loudly, slowly.

I miss the lights, a thousand sights, brighter than new eyes.
I miss the crashing coffee sounds, clanking cups aloud on cold mornings, and finding shade with you in the sun.
I miss the emotional scribbling, picture-making and the click click capturing, I can’t find you now.
But I can still feel you now.

I miss your smoke, and your glamour.
I miss your grit, and your fire.
I miss the tears in the church
and the time we stood on the corner in the middle of the night, waiting.
I miss my…self, I knew who I was then.
I miss you now, I found who I was then.


samrosey fic

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