Reviews: Come Find Me

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Come Find Me is a poetic, stream-of-consciousness piece of fiction that truly breaks out of the fanfic mold.  Edward sees Isabella one day, perchance, and is captivated by her.  As readers, we get a glimpse into both of their lonely lives.  One of them lives to escape in books, and the other writes words upon words to live in another world.

Even before you know the characters that well, you wonder how they can make things work.  Isabella is so skittish it’s hard to imagine her ever opening up or accepting Edward.  He, in turn, second-guesses himself so many times, you think he’ll never work up the nerve to speak to her.  But as they get to know one another, and their relationship blooms, secrets are revealed.

If you’re looking for something that’s different, that’s a little abstract and emotional, this is the fic for you.  The author, samrosey, has written a sweeping fic of short chapters that pulls you in immediately.  It’s written in third person, but switches at times to first person so we feel and see and think along with Edward and Isabella.

Without giving away what happens in the sixteen posted chapters, I urge you to start this fic when you’re feeling a little blue, or a little jaded, or just a little out of sorts.  You won’t regret it!

~ Reviewed by Ginny

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Rec’d by maxann
She is an amazing writer. Her words touch you and make it hard not to fall in love with what she writes. These characters are so real and broken and need love. The tone and style is beautiful and deserves to be read by all.

Via Fictionators ~

Why this fic pwns Lauren: Come Find Me pwns me because it is absolutely amazing. Samrosey’s writing style is absolutely beautiful, and every word she writes has a purpose. Everything written is tasteful and creative, and it’s almost as if the story is just one gigantic poem. Samrosey’s words accurately convey Bella and Edward’s love, and you can tell that every word written is done so with the undertone of their attraction. The plot is very unique, and ties in some canon elements that you don’t see in many other stories.

Via Anti_Whoreward ~

Come Find Me is one of those stories that just get your attention with the first lines. It’s so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time, her words are perfect for every moment. This story has made me cry, laugh and swoon. I’ve felt so frustrated with the situations and sometimes angry. And I love it. I love every word, every line, every thought. I love every word Sam writes in this story.

Sam is amazing. She is very sweet, a loyal E/B girl, supporter of their love. She replies to every review she receives (Well deserved reviews, by the way) She replies to everything, really. Reviews, twitter, PMs. You can just tell she wants to form a special bond with her readers and she is very successful with that. She is artistic and talented, that’s obvious from her stories.

There is some lovin’ in the story, the good one! You won’t find tasteless lemons in Come Find Me. Every scene is focused in love, being loved and love back. …With some fun 😉

What makes this Edward so special? He is so caring; he treats Bella with love and respect, he is always waiting for her, willing to do whatever she tells him. She is the only girl in the world for him, there’s no one else. He knows things in her life are chaotic with just one look, and he won’t rest until he saves her. Even if he has his own problems, Bella is his priority. A tragedy in his family torments him and this is when Bella helps him. They are there for each other, their devotion will save both of them.

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