Lost Lake


Cover by MinaRivera

The forest. The dark. The howling moon, and the beating hearts of Edward, Bella, and maybe someone…or something else? With the morning, brings light, with the light, brings answers.

Edward / Bella. AU

The Art of Being Infinite

Banner by Kassiah

Banner by Kassiah

Girls, on a stairway to somewhere. It will be pretty. Or it will be tragic. Boys, just like a slave. Like wasting half a life. Like they were meant for something else. Of all the faces, places, and hearts smashed to pieces – today was an eight. Meet the therapist, she’s a dancer, dancing to fix. Meet the artist, lonely for inspiration.

Edward / Bella. AH


Banner by enchanted-mind

Banner by enchanted-mind

All he thinks about is her, and what he sees when he’s with her; the lines, colouring her special, he sees the fast paced stutter of her flowing beauty and he smells her, wants to taste her. She thinks college is awkward, like a test before the actual stuff happens. She doesn’t know what he is. She just thinks he’s a boy, as awkward as her.

Vamps – AU – E/B. 1st person POV

Hôtel Deux Partie

Banner by jaimearkin

The Hotel is maddening, her past come to life; haunting her from behind each door. The flowers and colours he soaks her in are just as sweet as she imagined. This is her home now, isn’t that what she always wanted?

Her Secrets

Her Secrets banner

Banner by jaimearkin

Dancing in light, she holds keys to pretty boxes of secrets she’ll never tell. A sequences of drabbles from him and her.

Edward / Bella. AH

Bella Beautiful; a Life Drawing  


“Wherever you choose to begin today, follow your eyes, follow the roundness of her cheeks and beyond.” Sexy sweet and encompassing, Edward can’t wait to make a piece of her come to life.

Edward / Bella. AH.

Entry for the Curvy Contest

Colouring in the Dark  


Banner by jaimearkin

Parents lost, ’till it dies, he said. Now Emmett; brother and provider takes care of Bella. Grown and dancing a dance to feel brand new. Can Edward show her things? Give her new songs to sway to as he plays by night, black & white keys…

Edward / Bella. AH



Banner by jaimearkin

“Excuse me miss, your room is ready for you now.” The doors chime, alerting them to their floor. He inserts the key card and the light flickers green. Will she enjoy her stay? Edward and Bella.

Edward / Bella. AH

Ninety Days  


Banner by jaimearkin

She physically aches from the look in his eyes. Family, a world away from all of them. Money he is the blame and the solution. A Green Card. A Visa. Work permitting. It’s human. And means a ticket to her land. Forever.

Edward / Bella. AH

The Companion


Banner by jaimearkin

Bella thinks the best way to fulfil her fantasies is to become a Companion. ‘A guild of professional entertainers.’ A girl with a big heart, she craves the unknown. She’s impatient, ready to play. Are there rules… will she like it?

Bella / Edward. AH

Come Find Me

Banner by FrozenSoldier

She’s no lost girl, gone girl. She’s only hiding. He is the stranger who found her, saving himself from his own loneliness at the same time. She’s terrified and waiting, holding out for contact. Feel me, come find me.

Edward / Bella. AH

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