Colouring in the Dark

Banner by jaimearkin

First chapter originally written for Fans Against Domestic Violence

Cover your ears. Make it stop. ’til it dies, he says.

Finding ways to make the memories less full. Seeking something new in the movements, he’ll play
for her, if he has a chance to. He already sees her, tastes her.

She’s lost in the dark making colours and time.

Banner by jaimearkin

Cover your ears…’til it dies, he said. Now Emmett; brother and provider takes care of Bella. Grown and dancing a dance to feel brand new. Will Edward show her things? Give her new songs to sway to as he plays by night, black and white keys…



The names are not mine, the rest-is.

Chapter 1 » Cover Your Ears
Chapter 2 » Daydreams and Nightmares
Chapter 3 » Beautiful Man
Chapter 4 » Surprising Shortcuts
Chapter 5 » Words and Ways
Chapter 6 » False Starts
Chapter 7 » Big Bang
Chapter 8 » Dancer Girl
Chapter 9 » Cause and Effect
Chapter 10 » Birthday Girl
Chapter 11 » Her Flavours
Chapter 12 » I Wanna Do Bad Things…
Chapter 13 » Another Sip
Chapter 14 » The Longest Night
Chapter 15 » Friendly Voices

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