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“Excuse me miss, your room is ready for you now.” The doors chime, alerting them to their floor. He inserts the key card and the light flickers green. Will she enjoy her stay?

As she waits to check in, the lights flickering off the crystal chandelier catch her eye.
She stares at it, wondering how something so grand could look so fake. Never-ending rainbows through never-ending leaves of glass.



Written especially for jaimearkin and phoebespromise.

The names are not mine, the rest-is.

Chapter 1 » All’s Gold
Chapter 2 » Skin
Chapter 3 » Ardor
Chapter 4 · Je suis à toi
Chapter 5 » Louder
Chapter 6 » Amour
Chapter 7 » Pace
Chapter 8 » Remy
Chapter 9 » Avec Moi
Chapter 10 » Business
Chapter 11 » Stony
Chapter 12 Show and Tell
Chapter 13 » Afraid
Chapter 14 » Just One More Day
Chapter 15 » Tinted Covers
Chapter 16 » Seek
Chapter 17 » Flickered Lights
Chapter 18 » Bang Bang
Chapter 19 » Miss Garde
Chapter 20 » Le Meilleur Des Mondes
Chapter 21 » Romance
Chapter 22 » Beginning at the End 


Read the sequel (incomplete)

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