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This week you will see the posting of the first chapter for Hôtel deux partie, the sequel to L’Hotel

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L’Hotel: chapter 22

Final chapter…

Beginning at the End

She holds her breath as he moves slowly into her, his body pushed against hers. She drops the towel to the floor and fingers the buttons of his white shirt.

His lips, kissing the skin of her temple.

The warmth of her cheeks and the softness of her mouth; beautiful and trembling as he kisses her.

Falling, into a hold of his. She can’t see, eyes closed; she doesn’t need to.

L’Hotel: chapter 21


Under a rock, a heavy stone, massive in size with no way to see around it. She couldn’t possibly see around it.

With just several words, Edward made him leave. He wasn’t wanted, welcome or needed, so he left. He just left.

L’Hotel: chapter 20

Le Meilleur Des Mondes

Tired. She’s heavy and tired. Her hands feel sore and so does her throat. Her lips are dry, the stomach pains still so strong.

What’s happening?

L’Hotel: chapter 19

Miss Garde

Edward spends the day trying to busy himself; attempting to forget her proves most difficult. Simple words, colours and sound bring a memory or moment from their very brief time together, back to him.

He shows Harry some damage left in one of the family suites and they spend half an hour complaining back and forth about what the guests do and don’t do at the end of their stay.

L’Hotel: chapter 18

Bang Bang

Trying to remember a high school class, something she learnt at university or is it just something she’s supposed to simply know?

She tells herself she can survive in here for weeks without food as long as she is hydrated. But going without water, she fears. She’s tired, too tired to pull at the gate again.

L’Hotel: chapter 16 &17


Call out and be caught. Call out and not be heard. It’s a fear and in all honesty doesn’t jump to the front of her mind as a way to get out.

Trapped. Caged in quite literally.


Flickered Lights

He can’t make out the sound and wonders what it could be.

It becomes louder and louder as he makes his way around the other side of the pool. Pulling the door open to the stairs, he sees her.

L’Hotel: chapter 15

Tinted Covers

Standing in the lift, the shiny silver, gold lift with rich red carpets, she counts the seconds that feel like minutes until she reaches floor level. The reception of L’Hotel is full of people; an elderly couple wearing beige his andhers coats stand off to the side as the grey haired man zips his wife’s closed before handing her back her walking stick. A woman wearing a neckerchief not unlike an air hostess or holiday rep stands with a small box suitcase at the check in desk, she’s having a heated conversation with the mousy girl; Ang.

L’Hotel – Chapter 14

Just One More Day

So fast and so free, if only she could be.

“Stay here with me.”

Not fast enough did she leave Laurent. And in the end she’s left scarred.

“Bella, I won’t be able to stay away, I know it.”

She’s aliiiive

Dear names I haven’t forgotten, and names I’m yet to learn,

It’s been a few months; life got shitty. And then it got amazing. And I missed you and our world.

I never stopped writing, I just stepped away from the fandom for a while.

I’m re-posting L’Hotel chapter by chapter, and The Companion too (both minimal changes), please re-read, or finally take the cake knowing they’re complete, better yet, knowing I will begin writing sequels for them very soon!

Are you excited? I’m excited! Womp Womp! 

samrosey. xo

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